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ConMed 130321 OEM In-DateConMed 130344 OEM In-DateConMed 133023 OEM In-Date
ABC Handpiece Triple Option HandpieceABC Single Function HandpieceABC Flexible Endoscopy Probe; 2.3mm
ConMed 160636 OEM In-DateConMed 160655 OEM In-DateConMed 160656 OEM In-Date
ABC Probe 5mm Handswitching ProbeABC Footswitching Probe; 5mmABC Probe 5mm Handswitching Probe,
Covidien 012026 OEM In-DateCovidien 176643 OEM In-DateCovidien E1450G OEM In-Date
AutoSonix Ultra Shears - Short,Endo Shears w/ Monopolar Cautery;Edge Blade Electrode; 3" (7.62cm)
Covidien E2450H OEM In-DateCovidien E2773-45 OEM In-DateCovidien E2783R-36ASP OEM In-Date
Edge Button Switch Pencil, BladeValleylab Laparoscopic Wire L-Hook ElectrodeValleylab Laparoscopic Wire L-Hook Electrode,
Covidien LF1637 OEM In-DateCovidien LF4200 OEM In-DateCovidien LF4318 OEM In-Date
LigaSure Blunt Tip Laparoscopic Sealer/Divider,LigaSure Impact Tissue Fusion OpenLigaSure Impact, Curved, Large Jaw,
Covidien LS1037 OEM In-DateEdge E1465B OEM In-DateEthicon 5DCS OEM In-Date
LigaSure Atlas Tissue Fusion LaparoscopicInsulated Needle Electrode, Safety SleeveEndopath Curved Scissors w/ Monopolar
Ethicon 5DCS-STY OEM In-DateEthicon ACE23E-STY OEM In-DateEthicon CS14C OEM In-Date
*Stryker Sustainability/Ascent Reprocessed* Endopath*Stryker Sustainability/Ascent Reprocessed* HarmonicHarmonic Curved Shears - ScissorGrip
Ethicon DH105 OEM In-DateEthicon FCS9 OEM In-DateEthicon FCS9-STY OEM In-Date
UltraCision Harmonic Scalpel - DissectingUltrasonic Curved Shears w/ Tprque*Stryker Sustainability* Ultrasonic Curved Shears
Ethicon HAR9F OEM In-DateEthicon HSA08 OEM In-DateEthicon SNGHK2 OEM In-Date
HARMONIC FOCUS+ Shears, Curved, 9cmHarmonic Disposable Hand Switching AdaptorHarmonic Synergy Combination Hook Blade
Gyrus 130715 OEM In-DateGyrus 240071 OEM In-DateGyrus 240072 OEM In-Date
Myringotomy Knife Disposable Sickle BladeRichards T-Tube - Silicone; 1.14mmRichards Modified T-Tube, Silicone; 1.32mm
Gyrus 3640 OEM In-DateGyrus 70142144 OEM In-DateGyrus 784415 OEM In-Date
Everest BiCOAG Macro Jaw Forceps;Classic Stapes Prosthesis , RegularSuperLoop PK Front Loading Electrode
Gyrus 786500 OEM In-DateGyrus 942005PK OEM In-DateGyrus E4-2F OEM In-Date
Plasmakinetic Superpulse System, PK ButtonPKS Lyons Dissecting Forceps w/Electrohydraulic Lithotripter Probe; 2F (0.6mm
Gyrus E4-9F OEM In-DateGyrus HACF0533 OEM In-DateIntuitive Surgical 400272 OEM In-Date
Electrohydraulic Lithotripter Probe; 9F (3.0mmHALO PKS Cutting Forceps; 5mm/33cmHarmonic ACE Curved Shears Insert
Karl Storz 27030M/6 OEM In-DateKarl Storz 27050MX/6 OEM In-DateKarl Storz 27050NX/6 OEM In-Date
3FR pediatric pyramidal knife, 6Pointed Coagulating Electorde, 24 FrKarl Storz Coagulating Barrel Electrode,
Karl Storz 27050R/6 OEM In-DateKarl Storz 27050S/6 OEM In-DateKarl Storz 27050WF/6 OEM In-Date
Coagulating Electrode Pointed, 27FRKarl Storz Coagulating Barrel Electrode,Disposable electrode vapor 27FR Monopolar
Karl Storz 28161SF/4 OEM In-DateMedtronic 9450015 OEM In-DateMedtronic 9450051 OEM In-Date
Semi rigid bipolar electrodeBall Tip Probe, NIM-Spine, 23cm,Ball Tip Probe, 2.3mm, w/
nContact Surgical CSK-2000 OEM In-DateOlympus WA22521C OEM In-DateOlympus WA22657C OEM In-Date
Coagulation RF CableHF-Resection Electrode, Band; 24F, MediumHF-Resection Electrode, Button, 12-degree and
Progressive Medical P0100X OEM In-DateValleylab E1455 OEM In-DateValleylab E1455B OEM In-Date
Laparoscopic Electrode PTFE Coated WireInsulated Coated BladeInsulated Coated Blade with Safety
Valleylab E1551-6 OEM In-Date
Blade Electrode 6.5"